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Good Change Management requires solid planning. That's what I do. I believe in, enjoy and encourage change. As much as we humans demonstrate a reluctance to change, deep down we all welcome it, love it even, but are somehow afraid of the consequences. The new century, so far, is full of far reaching change which on the surface might seem like isolated incidents that are perhaps long overdue, and will nevertheless have far reaching consequences which will alter forever many of the habits, customs and values we have taken for granted across generations. I submitted a Paper on the subject recently to WPP's Atticus Awards program, click here if you would like to read it.

More and more companies are looking to streamline their Marketing Communication costs and more are looking for bespoke and boutique alternatives to the giant full service agencies. Why pay for full services when you can pick and choose? Why get saddled with a single agency brand and product when you can cherry pick the disciplines you need? Planning is one such area. Planning can be bought according to needs; Planning need not be a one size fits all.

Why use freelance?

Buying independent Planning means you are in total control of your brief and, as such, the process. An independent Plan means strategies have to be created to fit and not engineered towards the agencies abilities. Add a valuable resource to your team or project without taking on the cost of a full time employee. Bring a different point of view to your project and increase your chances of success.

The role of strategic planning

As planners, we have only one true reason for being: providing ideas and directions that inspire great work, and making sense of today's media maelstrom

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